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Marketing Agency | About Midas Digital | Founded In 2009

About Us - A Marketing Agency

Founded in 2009 on the principles of being creative, reliable and passionate, we came together with our individual values to deliver results driven marketing.

At Midas Digital, we are proud to be a marketing agency that priotises results above all other things. Though we often run into a little trouble when it comes to explaining who we are and what we stand for, as it is often impossible to avoid embracing cliche and peppering our sentiments with it. Marketing agencies nowadays are becoming black holes of proclamation and false facts: “we are the best” and “we care more about you than we care about ourselves” type sentences are rampant, and we aren’t all that happy about it.

What we can say is that we want you to succeed, and in doing this, we succeed as well. To share in this glory is to have truly achieved it. 

Yogesh Dasoar

“For a business to succeed today it needs direction, leadership and a powerful marketing strategy.”

As a business owner, marketing consultant and a father I work with clients to develop actionable strategies and toddlers to build LEGO.

I know that running a business can be time-consuming, which is why I personally handpicked the Midas team to help you manage your marketing.

With a combined marketing experience exceeding 15 years, from corporates to small businesses, myself and my team are ready to help.



We are a creative digital marketing agency. Everything we do, and all the copy that we as a team craft exudes creativity, it runs from the ink and onto the page, it seeps from the screen and into the mind! Some say we take it too far sometimes but we understand that creativity gets you noticed, it turns heads, it sells. The age of the boring is over, we are exciting digital marketers.


We are a reliable digital marketing agency. We don’t leave a thing to chance. Our processes have been honed and perfected over time; everything we have ever learned informs our development and our evolution. You can trust us to get you results, you can trust us to be the best damn digital marketing agency that ever was, and ever will be. Guaranteed.


We are a passionate digital marketing agency. As a team, we get excited by strategy and enacting said strategy makes our toes tingle; in a good way. We feel fervently about success and are single minded in our pursuit of actualising not only our potential but yours as well. Our drive and determination define us, and we hope that in time, it will come to define you as well.

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