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5 Inspiring Inbound Marketing Success Stories - Midas Digital

5 Inspiring Inbound Marketing Success Stories

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Inbound Lead Generation

In this article, we will review five inspiring Inbound Marketing success stories taken from a range of industry sectors to demonstrate the power of inbound.

So how do you effectively gain the attention of potential customers when so much information is available online?

With the pace at which technology is evolving, businesses are in fierce competition for attention as information becomes more readily available.

Traditional methods to help grow your business such as cold calling, page ads and direct marketing once played an important part in helping businesses grow, these are becoming less and less effective.

Over the last few years, there has been an enormous shift in the way people engage with a product or service.  A potential prospect will now often find out more about you and your brand online before engaging with you.

Providing consumers with engaging content to address a challenge and using an Inbound Platform is quickly becoming one of the most useful tools in growing a business.

Here are five inbound marketing success stories to give you quick insights with some impressive results.

1. TUI Travel’s Brands See a 20% Increase in Website Traffic.

Industry: Travel and Tourism

TUI Travel is one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups. It has over 220 trusted brands in 180 countries and more than 30 million customers.

Their marketing teams had been using different marketing tools that created fewer and fewer leads; they decided to implement an inbound strategy and improve their lead generation and conversion rates.

TUI Travel started blogging at least once a week. These activities translated to more traffic and leads.  In less than a year, each applicable brand had increased social media traffic by a minimum of 213%.

TUI Travel group Results:

  • Increased Social Media traffic by over 213%.
  • Increased Website visitors by over 20%
  • Increased Lead generation by 128%.
  • This is seriously impressive in just over a year!

2. ArjoHuntleigh uses Digital Marketing to transform its marketing approach.

Industry: Medical Sector

ArjoHuntleigh is a global medical technology company with headquarters in Sweden. They began implementing an inbound strategy in 2013, and it has transformed their entire marketing approach in the years since.

ArjoHuntleigh’s marketing strategy was built on a traditional outbound method.
Difficulties in measuring the success of their methodology meant that they team had little to no insight of how well they were attracting customers, which is where a more Inbound Digital Marketing Platform came into play.

ArjoHuntleigh recognised the challenges they faced regarding increasing site traffic. They introduced a Digital Marketing Strategy to help address those challenges by making their site more user-friendly and implemented a social media strategy.

The result:

  • Over 2 times the site traffic.
  • A structured and methodical marketing approach allowing them to increase market reach and grow their business.
  • Becoming more efficient and able to clearly demonstrate ROI.
  • Increased their social media presence.

3. Zaggora uses Social Media to Increase Revenue.

Industry: Sports

Zaggora.com is one of the fastest growing sports brands in the UK making patent pending fabric technology maximise exercise and sports activity.
The marketing team at Zaggora recognised how the use of a Digital Marketing Strategy would benefit them, allowing them to increase revenue by generating more contacts in more campaigns; however they lacked the tools to do so.
Zaggora realised that their marketing strategy needed help. It wasn’t until they setup a clear strategy that allowed them to focus on Social Media, that they started to reap the rewards.
The result:

  • Over 5300 clicks came from landing pages.
  • A 47% increase in Social Media page to customer conversion rate.
  • An increase in 17% of new sales via social media since July 2013.
  • Massive gains in social media traffic and awareness.

4. Claranet Increased Traffic 50%.

Industry: IT business hosting, Networks and Communications services.

Claranet, the UK based Managed Services Provider that offers businesses hosting, networks and communications services to over 4500 customers.
Claranet recognised that they needed to be thought leaders in their industry sector and understood that the sales cycle was long.
After struggling to generate traffic and qualified leads through their website. They recognised the value generation abilities of inbound marketing and adopted a single, easy to use marketing automation platform.
Claranet identified the challenges their potential customers were facing and introduced lead nurturing techniques to help consumers address those challenges.
The result:

  • Traffic to their website increased by 50%
  • Email campaign open rates increased to 12%
  • Landing page conversion rates have increased 8 fold.

5. Pearse Trust‘s Traffic and Leads Skyrocket.

Industry: Financial Services

Pearse Trust provides corporate compliance and tax planning services to an international client base of accounting firms, banks, legal firms, and public and private sector organisations.
Before implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy, Pearse Trust had no way of generating online leads.
The website was disorganised, difficult to manage, something that took both time and money away from their core business needs.
Pearse Trust introduced a lead generation program, made good use of Landing Pages and Call To Actions in blogs and other site pages.
Being able to track campaigns (something they weren’t able to do previously) enabled them to execute more campaigns on subjects that interested potential customers and helped them gain more business.
The result:

  • 13 times increase in website traffic.
  • 30% conversion rate achieved on landing pages.
  • A new outlook on the best way to use digital marketing!

These are just some examples of how a strategy can benefit a business looking to grow.
Choosing an Inbound Marketing Solution that truly engages prospects is something every business needs to consider.
As you create and place clear and concise content addressing a challenge your ideal customers face, you directly engage and attract the type of customer your business is looking for!

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