Nescafé Launches new ‘Tumblr Website’

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Marketing Strategy

Is the time for the generic ‘dot com’ website coming to an abrupt end?  Coffee Manufacturer Nestlé, have decided to take a bold step in a new direction to scale up their inbound marketing efforts.

Food giant Nestlé, one of the biggest in the food and drink industry has been the latest to convert its website for Nescafé into a Tumblr Blog.

Marketing Chief Michael Chrisment said that “the dotcom is a reflection of us talking to people, this approach is dead. It should be more inclusive and allow conversations.” 


This shows a huge shift in emphasis from ‘dotcom’ websites and is a test by Nestlé to see whether social marketing can be used as a clear approach for brand promotion.


At present, the site is full of unique and eye-catching elements.  It includes images and visual puns which will be used to promote the companies coffee, however move a few months down the line and it could be host to your own image.  

Nestlé wants fans to interact with them and their business, which is where Tumblr comes into its own.  


Not only is it good for allowing the brand to develop its unique feel, but it also allows them to collate valuable information about what consumers love and want more of.


This will allow them to push their new site out and also allows them to focus on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in a bold attempt to increase their use of inbound marketing.


This is just one of the brands who are using brand development strategies to engage with their customers to enhance their image.  

Has Nescafé really woken up and smelt the coffee! Or is the approach to interact with user groups a step too far, we would welcome your views. 

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