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The Numbers Game: Inbound Marketing Your Investment Business

The Numbers Game: Inbound Marketing In Your Investment Business

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Inbound Lead Generation

The best place to start building your marketing strategy is right at the ground roots, understanding your business’ goals for the upcoming year.

They may range from breaking into new markets, improving the overall profitability of the company, individual revenue growth and anything in-between. 

So how do you understand marketing’s effect on revenue? By using reliable metrics and some forecasting, it can be predicted.  It’s no secret that there is a cost to Marketing, but Marketing can also be part of your numbers game plan and cover it self.

If you utilise a method that’s measurable and build a inbound plan according to a pre-defined Value Add Model, you will be one step ahead. 

Knowing what you want to Achieve and making Marketing Activity measurable is not always easy and not something that certain Marketing techniques lend themselves to  e.g.  do you know how much your last marketing activity cost you and how many actual new customers it generated for your business? That’s where Inbound Marketing is different.

Not only does inbound marketing offer this capability, but its strategy also provides predictability.  

Knowing how to implement a sales funnel and analysing your conversion rates can help you transform prospects into valuable customers by understanding where your marketing spend is helping you increase revenue.

Creating a Marketing Plan Based on Revenue Growththe numbers game

Let’s assume you wish to see a 25% sales increase over the next year and
your company’s annual revenue was £4 million. 

25% increase would mean an additional £1,000,000 So how do you reach that goal? 

Assume that for the past three years your company has attracted 5 new customers on average each year with a generated revenue of £500,000/year.

That translates into £100,000 per new customer. To achieve the targeted growth rate, you would need at least 10 new customers.

By analysing sales data, you notice that on average, 80% of your opportunity leads have actually progressed to become clients of yours.

Based on these facts, 10 new customers will arise from at least 13 new opportunity leads – 13 very good leads.


The Numbers Game Plan

Marketing teams can rarely supply their sales teams with 50% of marketing-qualified leads they need.

Put in numbers, you will have to acquire 26 new marketing-qualified leads next year to achieve your projected growth target.

Based on the numbers game planning, your inbound strategy will have to deliver approximately 217 new online leads if you want to meet your targets. 

No matter how good a marketer is, they cannot convert a majority of a website’s visitors into leads. A robust estimate is around 2% of total site visitors; that’s 10,850 additional website visitors.

Keep in mind that these are assumed rates, but the concept of reaching growth targets broadly follows the Numbers Game Plan and is the same in any case.  

Put simply, for our example company to gain £1,000,000 it will need to attract at least 10,000 additional website visitors with the intention of converting at least 10 leads into customers.

Carefully analysing variables of expenditure and return and calculating ROI is a vital prerequisite for a responsible marketing decision maker.

It may sound involving to follow this plan and implement an inbound marketing strategy of the back of it, however, knowing exactly how your marketing spend is going to help your business grow involves some science.

The ROI of Inbound Marketing

No matter what your goal is for the next year, inbound marketing can pay for itself and helping you grow at the same time, but remember to incorporate the numbers game plan.

Here is a helpful  ROI calculator that you can use to number crunch your numbers and see how Inbound can power your firm to success.

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