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by | Feb 18, 2016 | Marketing Strategy

You may be an established company or a startup, either way, more leads and more customers are always a sign of a solid business growth strategy.

Finding more space for your services in a tightening market can be difficult, so here are six vital tips to help you revolutionize your company from stagnation to prosperous progression.

1. Business Goals

Business growth can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Let’s face it there are times when a company goes through a period of growth and times when it stagnate’s.

Constantly wanting to push through that restrictive ceiling to gain more leads, close more clients and develop a successful enterprise can be exhausting.

First and foremost define your goals! Understanding your goals inside out is the fitst step to help you build a business growth strategy

Key points,

  • Talk to Customers –   Listen carefully to what they have to say and respond appropriately.
  • Establish Very Specific Goal- Specific goals lead to better outcomes
  • Be Inclusive – Involve employees in the development and establishment of your company goals.
  • Set Long-Term and Short-Term Goals – Short term goals lead your organization step-by-step toward the accomplishment of the longer-term objectives.

You must assess which tangible goals you wish to aspire towards and define what success is specifically for you and your business.

It may be difficult to avoid comparing your success to competitors but by doing so, you utilise your resources and work towards realistic goals.

Once you have set your goals, break them down into smaller, more digestible chunks.

2. Be A Growth Hacking Jalapeño

Here is a sneaky tip we’ve added exclusively for our readers to help you revolutionize your business in 2016.

Growth Hacking is in several ways the coriander in your Con Carne; it’s what sets the chili from the Bolognese, the wolf from the sheep.

The key to revolutionizing your growth strategy  this year lies in a simple rule – “don’t wear all the hats.”

Entrepreneurs will all too often ‘wear all the hats’ and attempt to hold the entire company on his or her shoulders.

To grow you need to trust in the abilities of your managers, leaders, or technicians.

Midas Tips;

  • Prepare before meeting potential Customers – The more information you have to hand before a client meeting the better, arm yourself with accurate and relevant information to help you win a client.
  • Hijack a popular Twitter trend – Use what is already out there, take a highly popular hashtag and construct a comprehensive Twitter strategy to capitalise on its popularity.
  • Create a Sales Process – This is an absolute must if you wish to thrive, set up a system to navigate potential leads through your sales funnel by organising emails to target leads at particular buyer stages.

By doing so you allow each component to function with structured efficiency, it is vital to understand this early, passion is a necessity but becoming too emotionally invested may mean commanding with your emotions instead of logic

3.The Richest Rice Comes With Research

Even though you’ve probably heard this one completing the cycle of mysterious clichés your parents tell you without explaining, we are still using it because it is priceless.

Knowledge is power, so much so that it is the vehicle to success you can’t afford to ignore.

Stay ahead of your industry by utilising resources available to you, understanding and mapping your business will help you stay relevant and unique.

Midas Tip,

  • Identify Your Market – Gather as much information as you can about your target market’s demographics, market segment, needs and buying decisions.
  • Expert Offer – The true asset of any enterprise is the value hidden in the knowledge and expertise it has to offer. Understand what your competitors are offering to stay ahead!

4. The Marketing Guide To Mixing Herbs

Let’s face it, every enterprise needs advice from time to time, even the most popular companies with a congregation of loyal customers need to market themselves.

With the overflowing world of marketing, it has become more important than ever to develop an intelligent and engaging marketing strategy.

  • Fun Fact – Coca Cola spent $3.3 Billion in 2013 on marketing alone. Knowledge is vital here, distinguish who your clients are and where they are coming from, if you can connect some tangible dots, bingo! You can target a particular audience, establishing an engaging and realistic target market effectively.
  • Marketing Methods – From gorilla marketing to SEO, find out how you can improve your strategy.


Your sauce is an integral component of your Chili; it combines the meat and the rice and in a similar way your processes combine you to your clients.

Midas Tips;

  • Use the knowledge and statistics you have from 2015 – which strategic plan progressed or which components were lacking.
  • Analyze your company and organize systems to streamline everyday processes. By doing so, you will save not only time but also valuable resources.

Spiciest Sales Team

Use your spices to complement each other; balance your cumin and paprika.

All too often companies become dependent on a single employee for sales and as such said employee becomes the only resource available for the company.

Develop a spicy sales team that can entice good leads into becoming great clients

As a thought leader, it is your role to ensure that your sales team is motivated and well versed in who your ideal client is. 

Although this may sound difficult to achieve, tools have been developed to help you with customer relationship management.

There are several platforms that do this for you and allow you track your potential leads. Free platforms available online include ‘Zoho CRM,’  ‘Hubspot CRM’ as well as the paid alternative ‘SalesForce CRM.’
Have quick daily catch ups ;to ensure your team are aligned.
Train your entire team to the same high standard.

Now you have all the essential ingredients to give your compan the spicy bang it needs, you can prepare your strategy to fulfill your potential.

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