My journey to starting up a Digital Marketing agency and our values

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Marketing Strategy

Once upon a time, in fact, 17 years ago, after working for some large corporate marketing teams, I started to realise that something was broken with the marketing rulebook. From experience I can tell you, starting up a Digital Marketing agency is no easy task.

Marketing was not evolving; email was still done the same, content became decentralised as consumers consumed more content than ever before.  Google changed Cookie policies; promotional campaigns stayed just that; AdWords removed the right-hand ads and the “Will you marry me on the first visit” marketing approach just wasn’t changing.
The digital world is still evolving and faster than ever, while everyone still tries to market in a way that’s not fit for purpose anymore.  
We can’t escape the digital world, it’s everywhere, from your mobile into the office environment, even social engagement has become the last thing we check in with when we turn the pesky bedside table lamp off, as we whisper“good night phone we’ll meet again in the morning”.
In the first few months to starting up a digital marketing agency, I wanted to do it for the right reasons, not to become lost at sea, but stand out amongst the crowd!  What was it that made me say “yes, the time is right?“.
At first, I spent a lot of time figuring out “the how?”, The business plan, where to get clients and off course, how to market myself!, but it dawned on me that the roadmap is secondary to something even bigger.  It’s the “Why” that needs to come first, without a strong enough “why” there is no fuel to drive the vision when the ride becomes steeper, or the road gets bumpy. 

My why was simply to add value to everyone I work with and always deliver what I say I would by soaking the challenge up with bags of passion and  enthusiasm”

So here I am today sharing the core values I stand for, the team stands for, and hopefully, our clients will experience as we work with them to help re-define how they market themselves in that same digital world that we are all trying to succeed in.
Some of my biggest achievements have been reaching big marketing milestones; I don’t mean the usual “Yes, I have 10000 twitter followers let’s pop a bottle of bubbly!” But the ones that make you think and challenge what can be achieved if content is used differently if one simple action is followed through if you push yourself to be different and if good leadership becomes just that. 
Credit alone is not with me alone, but sits with our great team who are always bringing to the table new innovative marketing concepts, e.g., the new medium platform for content writers, destined to be explosive! Or the emergence of new social media channels like seeking to challenge Facebook on attention dominance and content marketing tools like HubSpot.
My old favourite is right here on Pulse; its singularly clear, simple, concise design and simply makes consuming content easy.  
So I’m here to say that a new cool kid has joined the party and with its inspiring values,  will interrupt the old patterns or marketing and sprinkle that same broken marketing rulebook with bags of passion and enthusiasm to set a new direction through its content-driven approach.
As an individual, a Father of 3 and a humble individual, my passion is real, my hunger to succeed drives my enthusiasm and I’m a results driven visionary that simply makes things happen.

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