This big directional change for Microsoft means, it’s entering the social networking world in a big way — while LinkedIn isn’t direct competition for Facebook or Twitter, 433 million members are nothing to turn your nose to. The acquisition is also proof that Microsoft is reducing its dependence on Windows and putting more of an emphasis on cloud services.


According to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella(CEO of Microsoft), LinkedIn is a perfect fit. You need a “connected professional world” to get things done, he says, whether it’s getting help with a spreadsheet or fleshing out details in a customer relations tool like Microsoft’s Dynamics.

Microsoft claims it will purposefully keep itself at arm’s length,  but its CEO sees the potential for revenue through subscriptions and (like it or not) targeted ads.

The big shift is yet another indicator that social is here to say, whilst linkedin has been around for 13 years,  Microsoft will need to navigate safely with the emergence of new social platforms like making an appearance, needless to say Linkedin Marketing is here to stay.

Source: Microsoft