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by | Jul 8, 2016 | Marketing Strategy

It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t challenge yourself you don’t grow. That’s why I have always welcomed opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone. Recently I was given the chance to present at a Mastermind Session organized by Cloud9 Business Coaching where a group of business owners can openly share challenges and tap into business coach guidance to help overcome business challenges – my answer was, of course, an enthusiastic “Yes”!!

Every business owner knows that marketing is one of the key ingredients of success. It alone can change people’s perception of your product or service, The truth is that most businesses trying to do marketing for the first time are unsure where to begin or just do not have time to do marketing properly.

As every business struggles to find new customers and subsequently reach those growth targets, it’s up to the business owner to realise one simple truth, that most prospective customers do not want to be sold too. During my latest presentation, a very creative analogy came up comparing a sale to marriage.

The idea is that prospective customers are not ready to marry your products or service on the first date. So why is it that we still ask them to? Here at Midas Digital we decided to throw away the old rule book and write a new inbound Marketing rule book. We have stopped proposing on the first date and getting our delicate hearts broken. We try to provide value until we feel that our relationship is so good, that our first date pop’s the big question to us. Not an easy task, but hey who said relationship building was easy!

Here’s the full presentation on the techniques we presented in all its glory on our date night.

As the owner of Midas Digital; I’ve built a team that’s founded on the principles of being committed, passionate and results driven. We came together with our individual values, to do what we love. From here we developed a culture to be open and free to challenge each other, inspire change and create fresh ideas.

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