Video Marketing: 21st Century Gold Dust

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Marketing Strategy

Time. We’re never satisfied with what we’ve got – we’re always wanting more –and yet there’s never enough to go around. Each and every one of us is guilty of wasting time, so we’re careful where we spend it, aren’t we? Well, I could use this article as an excuse to investigate the philosophical notion of “spending” time and the disparity inherent in labelling it but, this isn’t a university seminar so I’ll save us all the stress.

The digestion of information, and therefore advertising and digital marketing, take time. Society is greedy with its time now and so we spend it selfishly. This means that as a digital marketing agency you have very little time to engage your target audience. Harsh right?! Sort of. This ever-shrinking window of opportunity is why we developed the ability to adapt! That and volcanoes. So what is the best way to sneak through this now hobbit sized window? Video marketing. Video marketing is exploding and it’s taking the digital marketing world by storm. If you haven’t yet explored this fascinating, multifarious world then we suggest you do so immediately – right now! No not right now but soon. If your marketing strategy relies heavily, maybe even solely on blog posts, email marketing, written social content or all of the above, we here at Midas Digital have some bad news for you, you’re operating in the Stone Age. Sorry! But you are. Video marketing is the 21st centuries answer to timelessness; to the 40 hour working week. It’s no longer the “next big thing” because it is the current big thing! So jump on that bandwagon before it leaves you and your company in its shiny free-form wake. For your amusement, here is our very own special Midas Digital take on video marketing. Tres Bien!






Were you engaged? If your answer was yes, ask yourself why yes? Was it because we seemed like normal marketeers having a good time creating a piece of video marketing? Was it because we shook off the corporate mask abandoning all pretense jumping face first into the salty, salty ocean?! *Ahem* If you answer was no, ask yourself, why not? Did it fail to engage you? Did it just skim the surface of a very dense topic? Either way, if it has allowed you to ask questions of it, then it has succeeded. Engagement is the key with video marketing. It is key because it allows for an incredibly strong engagement over a very short space of time. For example, if I were sat on camera reading this verbatim at you, you’d be far more engaged than you are now, reading this to yourself.

We no longer have the time (nor the luxury) to digest written information slowly. Therefore, video marketing is now the best most effective way to tap into our evolutionary desire to learn. For example, video content posted to social media platforms generates 1200% more shares than text based content alone. Insane right? If you want to find out more, we’re running a seminar on marketing strategies in 2017 and you can bet your bottom dollar that video marketing is going to be touched on; and in a big way. If your confused at all by video marketing, or if you want to know more about how it can help your business we strongly suggest that you attend. The coffee will be strong and the information hot! Or was it the other way around…? Maybe there’s a video on YouTube that can explain it to me…

Our Seminar

From now until January we’ll be updating our blogs with all things factual, fun and video, you can consider this an introduction to a new and exciting world! If you’d rather, call it a stepping stone into a bright new world of marketing.  

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