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Comin' Atcha Like Cleopatra! A Digital Marketing Infographic

Comin’ Atcha Like Cleopatra! A Digital Marketing Infographic

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered what the top 8 components of a digital marketing strategy are? You have!? Well then, you’ve come to the right place… squire. We cooked this up in the Midas lab a while back and like a 30 year old parmesan, it’s only gotten better with age. These 8 pillars are what would’ve held up the Roman Empire had it been digital and conceived in 2088. These 8 pillars are what will help you and your business succeed in an increasingly volatile and competitive marketplace. These 8 pillars are actually like, 80 pillars… they’re THAT important. Without knowing and/or practicing these pillars, your business empire, your digital marketing agency and/or your world will surely crumble, like a wet cake. 



We hope you’ve enjoyed this Midas infographic, this… Midagraphic… Sorry… Not sorry. If you have found this infographic educational and/or informative and/or fantastic then let us know, and we’ll make more! As a digital marketing agency, we are nothing if not responsive, like a fully functioning website… Until next time. Peace and love, Midas Digital.

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