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The Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics of 2016! 2017 Coming soon...

The Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics of 2016! 2017 Coming soon…

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Marketing Strategy

So, it’s 2017 now… it’s cold. We here at Midas Digital are not keen on this weather, but we are nothing if not adaptive. Before our office turns into an iglo we wanted to summise, for you, the video marketing stats and facts of 2016 – and then we discovered this slideshow! It contains facts and figures pertinent to all who operate from within the digital industry, and to many who do not! Knowledge is an incredibly important entitiy and should therefore be shared.  We strongly believe that the information contained within this slideshow can and will aid you in your quest for strong, effective video marketing. 2016 saw us dip our foot into the warm waters of video/viral marketing, and we quickly saw a spike in post engagement and social media reach. It was exponential. These facts and figures provided for us a strong foundation upon which we built our video based content. We hope that it will do the same for you!


Though there is a lot of information to take in; we think it is all incredibly valuable. We believe that to truly succeed in any form of marketing you need to listen to the numbers and to the landscape of the form from within which you intend to practice. So if you abide by and adjust your strategy according to as little as a handful of the statistics covered in this infographic, we have no doubt that you will succeed in your video marketing based endevours! This snapshot of 2016’s video marketing stats and figures have left us excited for what sort of facts and figures 2017 will yeild. We have a few ideas, but we’ll be keeping them under wraps for now, lest we be proved wrong! Mutable markets and interchangeable trends remain a steady constant of the digital marketing industry. Stay tuned for more from Midas! We would also just like to apologise for all the cat puns, it was not intended, and will not happen again. We promise. 

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