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How Do I Get the Right People to Read my Blogs?

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Marketing Strategy

“How do I get the right people to read my blogs?”

An excellent question! Wait who said that…!? Moving swiftly on… And away from this spooky looking pale bloke… In the writing of this blog I hope to answer the aforementioned question. Why? Because as a digital marketing agency we have heard this question many times and we have never heard a satisfactory answer. Getting your blogs read by the right people is a challenge. If it wasn’t a challenge then there’d be no point to me writing this blog – a twisted irony? A blog should always be a component of your content marketing strategy; there are no two ways around this. Though its authority has been diminishing steadily over the last few years, a blog should NEVER be ignored. People will always read blogs, social media and marketing content in general. Even if we get to the stage of evolution wherein the ape overlords beam what we need directly into our brains – we will still read! Even if it’s just an old newspaper in the woods – we BELIEVE! Still probably going to be crossing our fingers though ‘cus we’ve seen how those apes look at us…

A blog has the power to attract and retain a customer for life, and it has the power to repel a prospective customer for just as long. This is why a blog is and always will be important. What has changed dramatically in the last few years is how your market your blog – which is itself a lead in to your website and to your company as a whole. A blog is essentially an active gateway to future engagement which is itself a precursor to the “engaged individual” becoming a client, and if you do what you do well enough then a client can be with you for their business life span. The art of this is getting the aforementioned gateway under the nose of said client, without it seeming abusive, obtuse or intrusive. This video is an example of HOW NOT TO DO IT.



It used to be that the further and more aggressively you pushed a blog the more success it would achieve. Now however subtlety is your most effective weapon. Multimedia-marketing-info-overload is now commonplace and because of this the hard sell blog push is well and truly dead and buried. The harder you push a blog the more irritating and invasive your attempts become. This will eventually elicit a devaluation of the company in the eyes of the addressee, this will ultimately lose you an engaged audience member or worst case scenario, it will lose you a potential client. So you need to be subtle. You need to use the tools at your disposal with finesse. For example, when you share a blog via your social media channels be as engaging as you possibly can in as little words as possible. No matter how engaged your audience is you will always be fighting for attention – a client just will not love you like Catholics love the pope or how racists love Trump: soz guys. If you’re loud and vulgar, or violently persistent then you won’t grow your following nor will you push your audience further along the buyer’s journey. Basically, if you’re sharing a blog five times a week and aren’t seeing an increase in blog views, then please stop. Just stop.

If you really do want to get the right people to read your blogs then you need to give your target audience a compelling reason to Google you. You can’t force them to read your blog (see video above) as you cannot literally shove content under the noses of your prospective readers, nor can you ask them every hour if they “have read it yet”. Audiences are now incredibly discerning, and content is widely available, so much so that your chances of getting read do actually get slimmer by the erm… Second – but despair not! This is your chance to up your game. Market yourselves using novel techniques and creative language. See what your competition are doing, evolve from their mistakes and learn from their successes. The digital marketing landscape is now awash with competition, which we think is a fantastic thing. It makes us, for example, make mad videos, it makes us write weird blogs about mad videos that we’ve made, it makes us better marketers! (Probably…) This is your chance to carve out your own niche, get creative and weird with your marketing – there are limits though I don’t want to see any wild NSFW stuff on my news feed.

As a final point, I need to stress the importance of analysis. It’s all well and good getting unique in your approach to blog marketing and it is also all well and good trying new and weird ways to get the right people to read your blogs, but you also need to know when to stop what you’re doing so that you can analyse. Trial run a piece, see how it’s working, and go from there. Measure success using as many metrics as you can manage and make sure that what you’re spending time on is providing you with a significant ROI. Do not waste time on something if it isn’t getting you the results you want, but more importantly, don’t pigeonhole yourself, you pigeon! Peace and love.

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