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Case Study: Our Most successful email marketing campaigns With Hubspot

Case Study: Our Most Successful Email Marketing Campaign With Hubspot

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Content Marketing

My theory now is that the successful email marketing campaigns and exciting sh*t happens when you are coffee deprived. Consider one Monday morning, late September 2016. Life was bleak, all forms of social media had been dry humped by the double headed horror show that was the Trump/Clinton presidential debate and worst of all I woke up to find my Landlord had snuck into my house at night and stole my rubbish bin, yes, you heard me, my rubbish bin.

So there I was, in the office on a Monday morning, lasciviously lamenting the pristine chrome rubbish bins in my office when I get a call.

It was a client, with a strong brand and an impressive knowledge of their industry, they had an idea to offer a promotion to their customers by sending a series of emails to a database but wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing it.

Once the call was complete I got together with our marketing consultant Yogesh Dasoar and after a lengthy consultation about my rubbish bin we got to work. We mapped out the following services:

  • Email Template Design
  • Email Lists Targeting
  • Landing Page Setup (With a Specific Form)
  • Thank You Page
  • Sequenced Automation
  • Social Media Strategy Linking to Campaign

First, let me throw you a little context. Our client had a range of engaged and never-before-emailed contacts and didn’t have an integrated marketing tool or CRM. Full disclosure we are Hubspot partners and because we are partners I knew that the one month free trial could be used for this campaign. This would save both us and our client considerable time and money.

After a few quick calls, a two minute day dream and 43 almonds we were setup and ready to roll.

With the objective in hand, I brewed the team some Guatemalan coffee and chucked it out the window, we don’t need coffee.

Step one – getting the technical components of our campaign stood up.

Keeping the Landing Page, Thank You Page and Email Template as similar to the client’s website design as possible we set up the foundation of our campaign.

Top Tip – By starting from the very end of the buyer’s journey and working our way backwards, the team were able to keep the phrasing and positioning of our offer consistent and clear.

Remember to include an – Alternatively, click here to place your order – within your email as many contacts will not see graphic files.

(I’ve now been forced to promote previous blogs so I can buy a new bin.) Check out our most popular blog  – The Top 8 components of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Now I’m not comparing this campaign to the building of Rome or anything but let’s just say I expect to be mentioned by the History Channel in a couple of hundred years, probably for murdering my landlord. Our thinking was, if we could attract our client’s customers to open an email, entice them with our offer to the landing page, we could offer to resolve a key challenge they face in such a way that filling in a form would seem like a breeze in the park.

Once the infrastructure was set, we moved to Step Two, building engaging content. As part of our strategy, we sent out three emails each one week apart. Taking the time to think, act and live like our target audience, I committed myself to a nunnery.

After each email went out, we gave each email a sufficient response time so Hubspot could gather data. Remember, ‘Your open rate is based on the number of contacts who have opened and read your email.’ So Stephen who clears his inbox every morning by quickly clicking on unopened emails does not count as an open.

Using data Hubspot gathered we used these email marketing best practices as a guide.

Top Tip Email Indicator – Email marketing best practices

Low Open Rate = Weak Subject Line
Low Click Through Rate / high open rate = Great Subject Line / Weak content
High Click Through Rate = Great content (DOPE)
High Open Rate / High contacts lost = Misleading subject line /content (DOPE)

It had now been 43.5 days since my last sip of the caffeine nectar and to be honest, I was feeling alive! By now the first and second email had gone out and gathered key data from each email. Not only did I know how many people clicked a link within the email, I knew exactly who clicked a link, who had viewed our landing page and where my bloody bin was. Ok, maybe not that last one.

With a list of contacts who had clicked the CTA but not filled in our landing page, we estimated that those contacts were interested in our offer, but our Landing page had deterred them.

Top Tip –  Analyse your emails  stats in the interim of your campaign and don’t be worried about making calculated changes.

Armed with a new landing page, we selected every contact who had clicked on the link provided and sent them a final email.

Subject Line: VIP in under a minute

Preview Text: Becoming a VIP has never been so fast

By using the data like this, we were able to understand the buyer and their challenges, as well as all of the features mentioned above, from landing page views, email clicks and submissions. Since these are all integrated within Hubspot, it was easy to dissect each part of the campaign to root out discrepancies. The great thing about Hubspot is that you don’t need a web developer to change the font size. Everything is simple and straight forward.

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